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Pat Rist

Pat uses antique lace and crochet to add texture to her pieces and in the process creates a permanent record of some of her ancestor's handiwork.  She also creates whimsical garden sculptures and animal caricatures.

The photographs below are representative examples of the unique pottery produced by Pat.  Each piece is individually hand crafted from the finest clay bodies, bisque fired, hand glazed and refired at cone 6.  The resulting stoneware is oven proof and food safe.

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Items with embedded lace and crochet patterns

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Bowls, Plates and Other Functional Items

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Garden Gnomes

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Angels DSC04363 (Small).JPG (84320 bytes) DSC04355 (Small).JPG (58749 bytes) DSC04347 (Small).JPG (21686 bytes) DSC04350 (Small).JPG (33135 bytes)


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Hard to Characterize...

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